Hello Syena.  I purchased a MoTiYoGaChi video several years ago when I took some of your classes in Reno.  Needless to say, it finally wore out with all the use!  I love the selection of movements and will sometimes do all the program and sometimes just certain parts.  Please mail me a new MoTi DVD!.

Sandra Harders ~Reno, Nevada


I’ve been coming to MoTiYoGaChi for 2 weeks.  I like the sense of well being, the movements, and the meditation at the end.  I gain a better attitude and focus after MoTi and feel relaxed and energized.  I have been to two other rehabilitation centers, prison 3 times, for substance abuse.  All these chemicals I put in myself was to alleviate pain, both physical and mental.  I used substances to ‘UP’ my energy to face my day, or to relax after work, or just to try to feel a sense of well being.  Finding MoTiYoGaChi was a God Send, because it does all of this and more!  MoTi  increases my health plus all the other things I was searching for by using drugs and alcohol….   really this is what I was searching for all along!  Syena is a wonderful instructor!

Allen Jackson~ Nevada


When I first read about MoTiYoGaChi I was nervous about what I was getting myself into; and if it was truly for me.  This class turned out to be a divine grace in my life!  I just recently lost my Dad to Clung cancer.  By having this class I was able to leave my present behind and focus on my inner self.  I learned not only how to find my inner self, but found a great stress reliever and healthy outlet.  This class is an experience I believe everyone should try, because it may just be what you as an individual need in your life, you just don’t know it yet.

Nichole C. McArthy ~Carson City, Nevada


I mentioned your MoTi Dvd to friend  Jay, a young man I take physical training with.  I shared how the mixed movement & yoga has helped me so much.  I am 67, almost 68, have had a hip replacement, had a broken bone near my knee, a bad back and these movements in your Dvd have been my savior.  I think I have my neighbor convinced to give Moti a try,[he’s 20 years younger than I]  I want to order 2 more Moti Dvds.  Thank you.

Sincerely,  Margaret Park ~ Mahopae, NY


I have been diagnosed with fibermyalgia, a form of arthritis and this class actually helps me to not go through so much pain everyday.  You are great!  Thank you.

Sherri Herron ~Reno, Nv


This class has been the perfect way for me to obtain some time during my busy schedule that is dedicated to a little cardio, yoga, & meditation.  This class has given me a chance during the week to wind down & relax!  It helps me clear my mind from work & school stress.  I have learned a lot from MoTiYoGaChi.  The different yoga poses have given me confidence to try other classes that may take my newly learned skill further.  For someone like me who has had zero experience in yoga & TaiChi the class made me feel welcome and Syena the instructor did a wonderful job demonstrating the technique to us newbies.  Overall, a great class!

Colleen L. ~Carson City, Nevada


When I first came to class and the instructor was explaining what MoTiYoGaChi to the class, I thought, what did I get myself into.  But after taking one class I was hooked.  I loved the body movement in the class and how it was not just yoga.  I love taking the class and wish it was given 2 or 3 times a week.

Ellen Shafer ~Carson City, Nevada


Motiyogachi is one of the best exercise regimes I’ve ever experienced.  Like your description states, it deals with the physical as well as the mental aspects in each of us.  Although it did not feel like  it stressed the physical body while doing it, one would realize afterwards that they had a marvelous workout.  It seemed as though almost every muscle was exercised.  And that feeling of pure euphoria after the workout!   We enjoyed each work out and always looked forward to the next one.  So, I cannot say enough how much it helped us through our lives. You have always been one of my soul boosters Syena!  I believe you are truly an angel sent by God to help us through our life and I will always count you as one of my blessings.

Max Porter ~Reno, Nevada


Hello again,  Yesterday I bought a VHS tape for a buck at a garage sale & found something excellent…. your video, great background rhythm, rather like belly dance.  The big surprise: filmed in Fallon area!   I’m usually in the Reno/Sparks area about three times a month, but could go to Carson for classes.  My primary residence, rural Pershing Co.  If you were teaching on a horse, there might be interest here. Is there some annual meeting/workshop?  Thanks for your prompt answer………

Sesi  ~PershingCounty, Nevada


Hi Syena!!  I wanted to thank you again for re-inspiring me to make Motiyogachi a regular routine in my life again!!  I ordered the DVD online just now!!  You are such an inspiration for beautiful, strong, creative women!!  I look forward to seeing you soon.  In light and Love

Michele Blackman ~Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Syena,  How many people come back when they realize your class is truly what makes their lives better?  I’m one.

Brooke Nielson ~Carson City, Nevada


I have enjoyed this class, primarily because of the relaxation time!  I have never realized how tense I became during the day and I appreciate the opportunity to relax and think about my day. Thanks

Shannon Colemann ~Carson City, Nevada


Over the years, I have sporadically participated in aerobics classes, dance classes, yoga and other workout programs.   Motiyogachi is unique in many ways.  It is very easy for a ‘first-timer’ to learn and feel comfortable with the movements from the beginning.  Although the movements are low impact and most people have little difficulty in performing them, Moti provides an excellent workout for even the most avid exerciser.  The incorporated breathing techniques and the beautiful, spiritual music (which one never tires of) add to the overall uplifting sense of being that Moti leaves you with.  In my 53 years, I have never found a more satisfying nor effective exercise class.

Mary Weber ~Reno, Nevada


I like that MoTi  gives me exercise, but my favorite part is the meditation, the deep relaxation at the end.  After the class I feel very relaxed, refreshed, and open minded.  The relaxation and breathing exercises I sometimes use before I go to sleep.

Jacob Lee ~Fallon, Nv.


I am a person who has suffered a broken back and neck, and has scoliosis.  Syena is very patient and has helped me structure certain postures and positions for my needs, when I asked her in the beginning.  This movement helped me become more limber, and flexible. From my experience she is quite gifted in teaching for the more advanced and the beginner in the same session, where everyone feels comfortable with their own stage of growth.No matter how tired I was or stressed I felt at the beginning of class, I am always relaxed and energized at the completion.  Sincerely

Chris Murphey ~Fallon, Nevada


I have been coming to MoTiYoGaChi classes for 3 years now.   There are two things I like about doing MoTiYoGaChi one is Syena and the other is learning about myself, my body, and sharing spirit within with those around me in class.  MoTiYoGaChi helps me on my path to self-fulfillment, to find peace within, and the discovery that strength comes not from how much weight you can lift, but how much you can lift others around you up! One of the reasons that keeps me coming back to MoTiYoGaChi is that it is one of the few things in life that helps keep me on the path.  When I hear “free your mind” in the one song in MoTiYoGaChi, it truly does…  free my mind.  I would do anything to further the world knowing about Moti…

Susan Henderson ~Fallon, Nevada


Syena,  I really enjoy your MoTi class greatly!  I hope to continue when   I return to Carson City!  Thank you

Kristine DeLabraiandais ~Carson City, Nv.


I like everything about MoTiYoGaChi the music, the movements and especially the teacher, Syena.  I’ve been coming to MoTiYoGaChi from the very beginning.  I was at the very first class that Syena taught.  MoTiYoGaChi fulfills some deep spiritual need for me.  When I do Moti I often mentally and spiritually go to another place.  The music, the moves and the energy keep me hooked! It’s fun too! MoTiYoGaChi is an important part of my life.  It’s like an addiction, I gotta have my Moti for balance & my well-being.  I make time for Moti…

Korena Mewaldt ~Fallon, Nevada


I’ve never looked forward to daily exercise on a long-range basis as much as I do with Motiyogachi.  It’s more of a spiritual energy thing than exercise.  It’s like traveling to some other beautiful world in your mind, and your body just naturally follows along.  I even recorded the soundtrack from the video onto an audio tape so that when we travel I can still work out without a VCR.Even though I love your video and do a portion of it almost every day, it would still be great to do a “real” class again.  If you get something going in Reno, please let me know.  It has truly changed my life!

Liz Gray~ Reno, Nevada


Syena,  I really enjoyed taking classes from you at Lakeridge & would to see you return.  Please send me the MoTiYoGaChi video until then, at the address below.  Thanks for the opportunity to buy your video!

Beth Mammen ~Reno, Nv


I love and thank Syena for introducing MoTiYoGaChi Video into my life.  I could not do any of the exercise programs out there, although I would try.  They were too hard on my body.  Sometimes I can do the first and third segments of the MoTiYoGaChi video and some days just the first segment, and some days all 3.  I am 65 years young and for the first time, I found a movement class that I can do everyday.  It helps to deal with body, mind and spirit as one.  It relaxes my muscular tension and balances my body.  Thank you again Syena.

Shirley Bryant ~Fallon, Nevada


I love going to the MoTiYoGaChi class.  I can be feeling tired and drained and within five minutes of class I have so much renewed energy.  I believe this comes from the instruction of Syena, the movements and breathing, and the camaraderie of the group.  You can feel the transformation of the group as soon as the music starts.  People begin to smile and get energized and you can feel the spirit of energy all around you.  Syena has created a truly unique and wonderful class that anyone can benefit from.  Leave your worries behind and try a little MoTi….!!!

Debi Henning ~Fallon, Nevada


I have been coming to MoTiYoGaChi since 1999 off and on when Syena has held classes in Reno.  These things keep me coming back..  The wonderful physical exercise for my body, the mental discipline for my mind and the spiritual calming of my soul.  There is such a feeling of accomplishment & fulfillment.  After all the vigorous exercising, I like the very end of the class when you lie quietly on your mat releasing all thoughts and cares to the air and drift off to another peaceful place.  I also like the unusual music that Syena presents.  MoTiYoGaChi makes me feel just great and I gain a healthy, strong, toned body, and a peaceful mind.too.

Jane Porter ~Reno, Nevada


I’ve been coming to ‘Moti’ on and off now for four years. Motiyogachi makes me feel like a conscious, alive, aware, ‘in touch with the earth’ kind of woman.  I get a good workout, yet I’m never sore or feel like I need an adjustment the next day.  It’s fun, easy and invigorating! I enjoy the combination of the tribal dance moves, especially all the African music and it blends well with the zen like tai chi moves and the elongating movement of yoga at the end.  I also appreciate when possible Syena will do an especially long shivasana at the end…  that’s my favorite part!

Julie De Jong ~Reno, Nevada


I have been coming to Motiyogachi for about 4 years now.  I think what initially attracted me was the music.  It was different from any other ‘exercise class’ I had been to and I really liked it.  However, once I got the routine down, I came back for the energy that Syena gives off and what ‘Moti’ seemed to create in the room.  The group was always composed of really nice people who welcomed everyone and weren’t there just to ‘be seen’.  They seemed so genuine in their efforts to maintain their own sense of balance and self.  I think the best part of Moti is how it makes me feel during and afterwards.  It really helps sustain my body and keep it flowing freely from all the constant daily abuse I subject it too! It forces me to devote some time to listen to my body as it moves, stretches, and becomes quiet.  I never realize how much my body misses that until I get back to Moti and feel the difference it makes in everyday routine.  Moti has given me a sense of myself that continues to expand on itself.  It has put me in contact with some remarkable people and given me the opportunity to do things I never would have done without it.  It has also given me a true friend and teacher in Syena.  She exhibits a level of command and understanding of her body which serves as a goal for my own progression.  I like Moti because I know I will be able to do it forever, at any age and at any level.  It accommodates everyone, without exception, and still has the ability to be personally challenging every time.  It is a great metaphor for life!

Judi Kohn ~Reno, Nv.


For me, MoTi has been a wonderful experience.  Not only is it a great workout, but it’s awesome to feel the energy flowing through my body.   The meditation part  of it has helped my mind, and allowed me to grow.  Thank you Syena for donating your time, you have truly helped me.  Thank you

Atlantis C.  Fallon, Nv


I am 43 years old and when I began MoTiYoGaChi a month ago, I was not in very good shape.  I have been doing it 3 X a week! and my body is already in much better shape!  Through a good warm up, cardio, and relaxation technique… my mind, body and spirit are in harmony with each other.  At the end of each class I feel ALIVE, with positive energy.  I love this stuff! Thanks Syena!  Your the bomb!

Jim Thompson~Fallon, Nv


This is only my second class.  I always get  really bad migraine headaches.  However each time I participate it totally dissipates for at least a day after!

Joshua Elliott ~Reno, Nv.



MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASyena’s class helped me to find relaxation deep within myself. It helps my spirit feel refreshed and energized.

In recovery I feel that keeping in touch with spiritual side has been a key aspect. Syena has a very ‘soft’ way about her which is comforting.

Her class also helped me to remember what the main focus is in recovery truly is… ME. I have only attended MoTiYoGaChi while at New Frontier, but I intend to continue by video once I go home.

— Beatrix. M. Milks ~Fallon, Nv


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAfter participating in the MoTiYoGaChi sessions, I feel great, my body and mind are re-energized.

It puts me in a good mood the rest of the day…I’m happy and smile most of the day.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in your class.

— Isaac M. ~Fallon, Nv


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI have been coming to MoTiYoGaChi for two weeks and this is my trird time. MoTi relaxes my mind and body as well as strengthens at the same time. The movement of energy around the room is my favorite part.

MoTi helps me think more clearly and helps me to have a great day to follow.

MoTi makes me feel relaxed, yet strong…a feeling of I can, and will, and want to accomplish anything. A sense of new pride. Absolutely feels good.

— John Graham~ Fallon, Nv


I have been coming to Syena’s MoTiYoGaChi class twice weekly for the past 5 weeks. I love the variety, music, & Syena’s instruction. Her class is not only a great workout, it is uplifting to both mind & spirit.

No matter how tired or down I feel before coming into one of her classes, when I leave I have renewed energy and an uplifted feeling of spirit. I make sure to work my schedule around her classes because they are a very important part of my week.

~Laurie Dietrich ~Reno, Nv

One month later….

I didn’t realize how important it was until I couldn’t do Syena’s MoTi class anymore.  Her class is more than an exercise class to me.  It was like a spiritual experience and some times I’d be moved to tears, for reasons I can’t explain.  I would really like to keep it as part of my life.  Enclosed is a money order to purchase the MOTi video.  If you ever do a class in Reno please let me know.

Laurie D.

I’ve been coming to MoTiYoGaChi for 2 weeks, with Syena, what a wonderful instructor. What keeps me coming back is the energy and the relaxation parts. My favorite part is the steps with the “freedom song” What I like the best is the fun, and happiness doing all the fast, breathing stuff.

Cheryl Davidson ~Sun Valley, Nevada


When I created MoTiYoGaChi I felt people were ignoring their mind-body-spirit MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
connection which actually plays a part in our actual fitness and balance more
than most of us Westerners want to believe.  The expanded sense of well being
produced by the endorfins released through movement can offer an alternative to
substance abuse that many people have never been exposed to.  Combined with the
energizing effect of MoTiYoGaChi, I focus on helping people from a rehab
environment to understand that just breathing alone can energize and calm the
mind.  Stressful lives and very active minds that never quiet down need calming
so that there can be clarity and balance.   There are many other benefits that occur in our body’s chemistry.   In  rehabilitation, some people
really take advantage of the “Moti” practice and take home  new tools to release stress and quiet their mind.

Life for everyone MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAis an ongoing learning process.   MoTiYoGaChi is a great medium for creating a deeper understanding of how breath and movement can energize and calm us, especially with our conscious intention.

Where our attention goes, energy flows!

This was an awesome group!


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