MoTiYoGaChi (pronounced Moe-Tie-Yo-Gah-Chee) combines primal tribal movements with the fluid, meditative movements of tai chi, chi kung, and yoga. A fun, low-impact, multi-level movement class to strengthen the body, energize the spirit, and calm the mind. 'MoTi' will leave you feeling alive, empowered, energized, and filled with peace.
Shaman's Breath - Kozuma - Track 2 - Preview (2.48min)
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I am really benefiting from your DVD that Carol Lucey suggested I try. It's such a great styistic mix. Keep em coming. I have about a half dozen workout tapes I have purchased in the last year, but they aren't as much fun and as good of an aerobic de-stressor as yours! --- Karen Burke - Winthrop, Maine

I am enjoying the MoTiYoGaChi video! It makes me feel the same sensations I enjoyed when I was there doing it in person. I'm so glad you made the video! I especially like how the scenes switch back and forth to the studio, to the lake, and the desert. Makes me miss Nevada. --- Julie Matheson - Somerville, Massachusetts


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Mo ~ Movement
Ti ~ Tai Chi
Yo Ga ~ Yoga
Chi ~ Life Force

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