Do you struggle with exercising regularly?

If you struggle with getting your daily exercise in, you may want to try MoTi!  Not everyone, loves exercise, even though they want to have all the health benefits of regular exercise.  If you’re looking for an exercise dvd that you’ll want to do over and over again,’ Moti’ might just be for you!  People who fall in love with MoTiYoGaChi  are surprised how fun it is, how energized they feel, and how much they look forward to the next workout!  Liz Gray expresses this perfectly in her testimonial she gave us.

“I’ve never looked forward to daily exercise on a long-range basis as much as I do with MoTiYoGaChi.   I even recorded the soundtrack from the DVD, so that when I travel I can still workout.   Even though I love your video and do a portion of it almost every day, it would be great to do a class again.  Please let me know if you get one going in Reno again.  It has truly changed my life!”

Liz Gray ~Reno, Nevada

Check us out at

ps… you can even watch some clips of the movements & hear some of the cool, music!  Happy exercising everyone!

Much Love Syena

Listen To Your Body!

Our body constantly communicates to us.  I’m tired, hungry, I’m full, thirsty.  I want something more substantial!  I need a nap!  My back hurts, maybe I need to stretch more! I feel crappy after eating all that sugar.   I feel so stiff!  I’m craving spinach? I need to eat less, and move more!  I need to de-stress!  Listening and intuiting the messages is very important for our health and well-being!  My dear friend told me her doctor wanted to do back surgery!  I told her to pleeeease get a second and third opinion if necessary!  The second doctor encouraged her to get a Yoga video for backs!   There are rewards for true listening well.  Your body will thank you over and over again!

Moti Testimonial

After participating in MoTiYoGaChi I feel great!

My body and mind are re-energized, and it puts me in a good mood

for the rest of the day! Thank you!

Isaac M.  Fallon, Nv.



‘Moti’ is calming to the central nervous system!

The body gets  many  wonderful benefits from the Tribal, Yoga & TaiChi-like movements!

The mind gets calmer & the spirit is energized!

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MoTiYoGaChi Class!

MoTi at The William House

5:30 pm Wednesdays!

Come join us for some fun!


376 Williams Ave.

Fallon Nv

‘MoTi’ Fun at Sand Mt.


Shift into power!

“There’s a study that shows when we hold a power pose for 2-3 minutes in the morning that we will feel more powerful the rest of our day!”  Imagine doing just one segment of  ‘MoTi’  a day!  Shifts happen for sure!  You’ll have a great day filled with new energy and more joy!  Check our DVD out at or

Above quote from~Ted Talksw2-sideSword

Shiva Rae said…

Shiva Rae said “Touching the earth, We remember where we came from.”

Reading testimonials, from those who have experienced MoTiYoGaChi it’s obvious  Moti  really connects us, grounds us, connects us to the earth, each other, and to our-self… to our inner space…` where joy blossoms .  Just like roots connect deep into the earth… we too need this connection to earth.  Through tribal rhythm we can feel the pulse of the earth, the chi and prana flow into us… new joy becomes the connecting spring in our step and  healing can flow into us as we connect to this subtle and not so subtle invisible force.  Check us out

MoTi is soul food!

My goal when creating MoTiYoGaChi was to create a FUN mix of movements which would feed our spirit, free our mind, plus work  the body just like regular exercise!  In the beginning little did I  know how powerful this could be!








Many in our western culture are screaming for something fun, juicy, connecting!  Our soul wants to run barefoot on mother earth, dance, & breathe!  This is our healing… 😀

Moti Moving Meditation

MoTiYoGaChi  can be a Fun Moving Meditation!

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