MoTiYoGaChi Classes/Workshops

Want to host a MoTiYoGaChi  PlayShop?

Meet Syena, Learn what was missing in the world of fitness to inspire MoTiYoGaChi’s creation!  Learn simple techniques, to shift into awareness, clear the mind, and de-stress!  And of course  we’ll do ‘MoTi’!

PlayShops are aprox  90 Min.


What is a MoTiYoGaChi class like?

The First part of the class, gently prepares the body for movement.  “MoTi” will loosen and warm up, remove energy blocks and move “Chi ” through the body.  At the end of this preparation it’s common to feel a ‘tingly’ heat rise through the body….



The Second part are movements that stimulate and strengthen the body’s systems.  These fun rhythmic, tribal, movements will build-in cardiovascular fitness, along with burning calories!  This is definitely fun…. allowing yourself to get caught up in the flow of the music….  Taking in ‘lots of Chi’…. Chi-robics!tribal #2


The Third part consists of fluid synchronized-meditative movements.  Some movements in this segment are yoga based and some are similar to Tai Chi or Chi Kung.  They will build in strength, flexibility, tone, grace, and an inner calm….




The Fourth part is the relaxation/meditation.  One of the greatest gifts you can give your body, mind, and spirit is complete relaxation.  This is the most important part of the whole class…. but, it’s the total combination, of all that came before, which allows one to easily slip into this wonderful calm, meditative state so effortlessly….



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